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YouTube and Podcast Teaching Series

The Poetry Vlog (TPV)

The Poetry Vlog, also known as "TPV" is a teaching YouTube Channel and Podcast dedicated to building social justice coalitions through arts, scholarship, and higher education dialogues. The project collaborations make evident the lived experiences of poets and scholars while sustaining both the amplification and archive of shared resources. Guests range from Pulitzer Poet Jericho Brown to C. R.'s own students. Each episode and season across topics and guests remain guided by a simple belief:


"Hope is not just a feeling, but a call to action, and poetry, as always, is already here to meet it."

Seasons & Selected Playlists

Below are key videos and playlists from TPV. The full archive is available on YouTube.

Season 4 of The Poetry Vlog (TPV)

Season 4 of The Poetry Vlog (TPV)

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