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Podcast Interview

"Not Just Wishful Thinking"

Interview on the "Going Public: Reimagining the Humanities PhD" podcast with Annie Dwyer, Assistant Director for Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics.

Video Interviews

"The Lyme Letters Listening Party"

Two interviews with Texas Tech University Press Editor Travis Snyder on poetry, audiobooks, and first experiences hearing the guest narrators for The Lyme Letters audiobook.

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"Writing Against Inherited Master Narratives"

Interview with Editor Rushi Vyas at GASHER Journal & Press.

Book Review

Davy Knittle on The Lyme Letters

Davy Knittle reviews The Lyme Letters for open access, peer-reviewed journal, Jacket2.

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Podcast Interview


Reading of "Boylesque" and interview with Editor Lindsay Garbutt on The Poetry Foundation's Poetry Magazine Podcast.

Podcast Interview

"FENCE 36"

Interview and discussion with Rachel Galvin on the FENCE Magazine and Press Podcast.

FENCE Magazine Podcast.png


"Virtual Pedagogies: Affordances"

Interview with Denise Grollmus on remote teaching during COVID-19. 

Featured Book

"7 Must-Read Poetry Books by LGBTQ+ Authors"

The Lyme Letters featured by Thea Voutiritsas at the Read Poetry project.


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