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An epistolary novel in verse, The Lyme Letters is a correspondence between bodies both inhabited and desired, as full and vital as the spaces where river water breaks against stones, churning with life. There is an effervescence to this poetry that replenishes the imagination and revitalizes language in extraordinary ways. 'I said all this while waves coiled back,' writes C. R. Grimmer, and 'sing my song for the reeds.'

DA Powell, Author of Chronic

The Lyme Letters

Texas Tech University Press

The Lyme Letters by C. R. Grimmer Queer Crip Poetry Book Cover

Selected by Series Editor Rachel Mennies as the recipient of the Walt McDonald First Book Award, The Lyme Letters is epistolary verse that spells out a memoir. R, a non-binary femme character, narrates their experience of disease and recovery through recurrent letters to doctors, pets, family members, lovers, and a "Master." R, in letter form and repurposed religious texts, also explores the paradoxical experiences of queer non-reproductivity, chronic illness and disability, and the healing that can be found in the liminal spaces between.

The Lyme Letters: Audio Edition

Texas Tech University Press

A community of readers collaborated to read the audiobook edition of The Lyme Letters, which is available for free on or for purchase on Audible:

Woogee Bae 
John Beer 
Joshua Burton 
Ching-In Chen 
Rachel Mennies 
Stevi Costa, aka Sailor St Claire
Michele Glazer
Patrycja Humienik
Alonso Llerena 
Patrick Milian 
Katelyn Oppegard
Abi Pollokoff  
Timothy Rengers
Travis Snyder
Judy Twedt

the lyme letters by cr grimmer audiobook
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